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Study Guides for the Cicerone® Exams

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Lars Marius Garshol on kveik at Burnt City Brewing's Kveikfest 2019 in Chicago

Check out Lars Marius Garshol's first ever presentation in North America! Lars dishes the goods on kveik and Norwegian farmhouse brewing in this talk at Burnt City Brewing's 2019 Kveikfest. You may want to get yourself a copy of Lars' upcoming book, too!

Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing by Lars Marius Garshol

Huge thanks to Ben Saller at Burnt City Brewing and Lance Shaner at Omega Yeast for helping to get me out there to Chicago for Kveikfest 2019! Thanks to Lars for permission to film and coming to talk in the US. Thanks to Almanac Beer Co for re-brewing my Hot As Hel collab DIPA to pour at the event. Cheers to Master Cicerones Averie Swanson & Pat Fahey for the hangout sesh. Chicago rocks! If you dig this video PLEASE HIT THE LIKE BUTTON & SUBSCRIBE to keep the beer content flowing. Please ask questions & make video suggestions in the comments.

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Chris Cohen is an Advanced Cicerone, National BJCP Beer Judge, partner at Old Devil Moon bar in San Francisco, co-founder of the SF Homebrewers Guild, & the author of the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Exams.

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