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Since 2014, Beer Scholar has provided the best study material on the market for the CiceroneĀ® exams. We've fully organized everything for you, at the exact correct depth of knowledge. Beer Scholar is the fastest and easiest way to crush your exam ā€“ our students have a 99% pass rate!

PrepĀ for the Certified Beer Server Exam

PrepĀ for the Certified Cicerone Exam

 everything you need to pass in a
simple, well-organized format

Fast & easy - all the beer info & exam tricks in one place

Don't know where to start? Feeling disorganized? You don't need to buy a stack of books or guess about what's on the exam. The Beer Scholar online courses contain ALL the beer knowledge you need to pass your exam, presented in the same order as the syllabus. It doesn't get any easier or quicker than that. 

Practice tests & flash cards

Go into the test with total confidence because you've already taken several practice exams! You can't be surprised on the real thing after doing the Beer Scholar practice tests. 

Don't sweat the all the beer style info you have to memorize, we've got excellent flash card decks for that. At the CC level you even get access to our special decks on the Brainscape app, designed by PhDs who specialize in helping folks learn efficiently! 

Taught by Advanced CiceroneĀ® Chris Cohen

Hi there! I'm Chris.Ā I passed the CBS and CC exams in 2013. After that experience, I immediately launched Beer Scholar in 2014 to help you avoid the frustration and anxiety I faced when prepping with the skimpy syllabus. Since then, thousands have used my Beer Scholar materialĀ to crush the Cicerone exams and get certified!

Here's a little more about me: I passed the Advanced Cicerone exam in 2017. I'm also an attorney, a National BJCP beer judge, a co-founder of the SF Homebrewerā€™s Guild, and I wasĀ a partner in aĀ top craft beer joint for 6 years, Old Devil Moon.

I'veĀ passed some difficult tests over the years, including the NY State bar exam for lawyers. I know how to study and I can help you, too!

they passed the exams!

The Beer Scholar courses contain detailed information for each item listed on the syllabus. In addition, Chris goes into detail about the exam format and provides several mock exams so you reach your exam feeling well prepared. The courses are a great reference for Cicerone Certification Program candidates as well as BJCP beer exam candidates. These courses have been my go-to reference!

Dr. Omer Basha from Sheva, Israel

Certified Cicerone, Master BJCP beer judge, BJCP EMEA Rep

I can attest to The Beer Scholar Study Guide’s awesomeness. If you're serious about passing, it is a truly worthy investment. Everything you need to know is broken down. The flash cards are excellent, too. In short, many thanks and much applause is due to Chris for helping me smoke the exam like the people of Bamberg smoke their malt over beechwood.

Graham Frizzell of Perth, Western Australia

Certified Cicerone & beer writer

If I was only able to have one resource to study from for the Cicerone® Certification Program exams, Chris Cohen’s Beer Scholar material would be it. I wasted a lot of time in my early study for the Certified Cicerone® Exam concentrating on topics far more in-depth than necessary. Beer Scholar took the intimidation out of studying and gave me a clear path of learning and expectations. You won’t find a better distillation of topics into bite-sized material spread across flashcards, practice tests, and the main course.

Lauren Lerch from Salt Lake City, UT

Certified Cicerone, Brewing Supervisor at Uinta Brewing Co, Leader of the Utah Pink Boots Chapter

Preparing for the Certified Cicerone exam can be an intimidating process. There's a lot of information to organize and learn, and you don't know what to expect on the day of the test itself. Chris Cohen's study guide helped me make sense of a dizzying amount of information, calmed my nerves around the exam process itself, and allowed me to feel prepared and confident heading into my exam. When someone asks me what materials they need to prepare for the exam, The Beer Scholar Online Course for the Certified Cicerone Exam® is at the top of my list.

David Nilsen of Dayton, Ohio

Advanced Cicerone, award winning beer writer, podcaster, & educator

The Beer Scholar Online Course for the Certified Beer Server Exam really helped boost my confidence and I passed my exam with a 93%! I would absolutely recommend Beer Scholar to anyone who is considering taking the Cicerone exams. The practice exams alone are worth every penny!

Michele Best-Miller of Burlington, WA

Certified Beer Server, Server at the Cardinal Craft Brewing Academy taproom at Skagit Valley College, Secretary to Northern WA Homebrewers Guild, member of Pink Boots Society & Pacific Northwest Beer Moms

ready to level up your beer smarts?


Avoid the pitfalls I faced, let me be your guide! When I first looked at the thin syllabi for the CBS and CC exams I wasn’t quite sure what to study, what depth of knowledge was required, or what the format of the test would be. 

When I took the CBS and CC exams I very nervous, but it turned out I was over prepared! I love learning about beer, but I wish I’d saved study time by focusing only on material that's actually on the exams. I especially would've appreciated help with the CC tasting exam!

Today, I’m an Advanced Cicerone, a National BJCP beer judge, and a full time beer educator. You don't need to guess about what's on the Cicerone exams - I'll help you crush them!

Study for the Certified Beer Server Exam

The online course for the 1st level Certified Beer Server exam includes video lessons taught by Chris that track the syllabus, a short quiz for each lesson, tips and tricks for beating the exam, plus 5 full practice tests. You can knock this out in a day or two!


Study for the Certified Cicerone Exam

The vast majority of the ~4,400 Certified Cicerones used Chris' Beer Scholar study guide and online course to pass! That's no exaggeration. The fully up-to-date online course now includes live Q&As with Chris, access to Brainscape flash card sets, and excellent practice tests. Let Chris help you crush the CC exam.


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