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6 pack newsletter Nov 05, 2023

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Happy Halloween weekend! Got any big plans? My partner's birthday is on Halloween, so we always party down. Call me a Basic Beer Buff, but I do love my pumpkin ales, corn mazes, and hot apple cider (with Jamaican rum) about this time of the year. Yes, I had a PSL...but I promised myself this would be the last time I attempted to relive that nostalgia because gottdang are they way way too sweet. Yo Starbucks - we like the flavor but don't need 1,000 calories of sugar with it! Thanks for the memories tho. My Halloween this year will involve a small dance party in a rug shop and then karaoke at a tiki bar (Portlanders will likely know where that means). 

In other Beer Scholar news: 

  • AC Scott Fielder & I have more or less filled our Advanced Cicerone Coaching Program cohort #2. That said, if you want in, hit me up by filling out the application ASAP. It only takes a minute & we'd be down to add one more to the cohort. Find more info here
  • Let's talk about the big picture...things are going well for Beer Scholar. After legit 2 full years of working on it -- the underlying tech platforms, writing / producing / shooting the courses, creating marketing, launching AC Coaching -- I'm stoked to announce that it's going well. What this means is I can now begin to focus more on fun cool stuff I WANT to be doing, rather than scrambling to survive. While the business of running a business never subsides, keep an eye out for new episodes of Sipping in Style (FINALLY!) and other fun stuff in the near getting the 6 Pack as a weekly beer news style podcast! 



The 6 Pack

As always, here are six quick links, each with a short blurb.


I wrote this short blog post about what to do if you do not have local access to BJCP listed classic examples of beer styles...this can be a real issue when you're prepping for the Cicerone exams.


Looking for some beer reading, new podcasts, etc? There's A LOT of great content here for you to work through!   


Interesting & weird! "The good-salt taste detects moderate levels of sodium and signals the brain that this is desirable. The second, bad-salt taste, which detects potentially harmful salt levels, works differently — perhaps by detecting sodium’s molecular partner, chloride." Much more in the article.


This is amazing, go look at the photos: "Outside of Japan, plastic food is bright, crude and cute. It’s for children. In Japan though, fake food is a whole other story. Peer through any restaurant window and you’ll see a display of painstakingly-crafted plastic food, known as shokuhin sampuru."


I would like to make a trip out to drive the loneliest road in OR. The scenery looks amazing. Check out the options near you. 


Do you dig anime? Surprise plot twists? Violent video games? Frog Assassins? If so, you'll dig this insane new series on Netflix. I chilled with a pot gummy & watched the whole thing in a single evening. Ten out of ten would recommend. 


Thanks for reading, y'all! Have a good one. 



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