A valuable tip for learning beer

bjcp certified beer server Nov 28, 2021
a simple but valuable tip for learning about beer

Now is the time to fully embrace your inner beer nerd, even in front of your friends and family! Here’s a tip that’ll get you on the road to success for the Cicerone exams:

Fire up your phone and head to the app store and grab yourself a BJCP Beer Styles Guideline app. The BJCP is the Beer Judge Certification Program, they create the beer style guidelines used by the Cicerone program. Last I checked (updated in March 2024):

You now have an amazing resource at your fingertips. Every time you're having a beer is an opportunity to learn or review.

Chilling with a beer at the bar? At home sipping? Fire up the BJCP app and see what it says about that style’s typical aromas and flavors. Are you tasting them in the example you're drinking? This is an amazing way to build your descriptive abilities.

It’s important to DRINK BROADLY. We all love our hazy IPAs and pastry stouts, but don’t forget to drink classic styles and look them up while you enjoy them. 

Let me know if this proves helpful to you! Also, let me know if you've found another beer app you love!


bjcp certified beer server