Chris' Kveik & Farmhouse Brewing Presentation at NCHF

beer trends travel Oct 01, 2019

I was honored to be asked to make one of the three presentations this year at the Northern California Homebrew Festival (NCHF). I was asked to talk about kveik and Norwegian farmhouse brewing for the crowd of homebrewers. The talk includes slides of my trip to Norway for the Norsk Kornølfestival and of brewing with the Norwegian farmhouse brewer Stig Seljeset, a discussion of why so few farmhouse brewers still maintain their own yeast (where did it all go?!), what the flavor profiles of various kveik blends tend to be, and how kveik may bring big changes to the brewing industry! It was super fun to present to my favorite crowd - true beer geeks - and the process of prepping for it forced me to organize my knowledge into a unique 45 minute talk. Big thanks to the folks who provided or created the information I'm passing along, especially Lars Marius Garshol.

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Chris Cohen is an Advanced Cicerone, National BJCP Beer Judge, partner at Old Devil Moon bar in San Francisco, co-founder of the SF Homebrewers Guild, & the author of the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Exams.

beer trends travel