Expert Panel on KVEIK with Almanac Beer Co, Omega Yeast, & Beer Scholar at Old Devil Moon

beer trends bjcp kveik Aug 24, 2019

I led a panel discussion on brewing with KVEIK yeast! The panel included Damian Fagan, co-founder of Almanac Beer Co, & Lance Shaner, co-founder of Omega Yeast, with guest appearance by Master Cicerone Nicole Erny of Alvarado Street Brewing!

This panel discussion was held at Old Devil Moon in San Francisco during their second kveik-focused event, "Kveiking Raid 2: The Kveikening" on 6/8/2019. ODM was pouring 16 kveik fermented beers and ciders, plus 2 pro Norwegian farmhouse-style ales not fermented with kveik (not all of them are). This event featured the most kveik fermented ales poured under one roof outside of Norway at that time and was the second ever kveik-focused event in the US, the first being ODM's original Kveiking Raid on 2/7/2019 during San Francisco Beer Week.

Chris did 3 pro collab beers with Omega Yeast kveik strains for this event: "Hot as Hel" hazy DIPA with Almanac Beer Co; "ØSB" ESB with Freewheel Brewing; and "Ragnarweisse" kettle sour with Laughing Monk. Alvarado Street Brewing also made a beer for the event in collaboration with Imperial Yeast, called "Kveik & Ike" hazy IPA.

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Chris Cohen is an Advanced Cicerone, National BJCP Beer Judge, partner at Old Devil Moon bar in San Francisco, co-founder of the SF Homebrewers Guild, & the author of the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Exams.

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