Holiday Discount 6 Pack 12-21-22: Warm the glühkriek and snuggle up! 🎄

6 pack newsletter Dec 21, 2022


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Howdy beer geek! This 6 Pack was mostly about holiday discounts for the my new course for the CC exam, but here's the rest of the good stuff for y'all reading this on the blog. 

Make This at Home / Beer of the Week: Cascade Brewing Glühkriek. This is basically hot mulled kriek and it is GOOD. Here's the very simple recipe in Punch. As you would do for a bottle of wine, just heat it up with mulling spices (never to boiling level!), add some sugar to balance, toss in some orange slices, and get it on. Trust me, this is a special and worthwhile way to use a fancy bottle of kriek. Below is the one I drank at the Cascade Barrelhouse a couple days ago. Yum!


I went to an event in Portland, OR last weekend called Low Bar Chorale, which is basically an entire crowd at a bar singing along to fairly well known songs played by an extremely talented live band. This one was all about pop Christmas songs (Snow Bar Chorale!) and there was one ear worm by Sia I just cannot get out of my head. And so, I present it unto you. Hope you dig it, too.

Cheers & happy holidays, y'all


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