Interview with Evan Rail on Czech Beer Culture, Anthony Bourdain, & What to do in Prague

travel Jul 31, 2019

I recently sat down for a wide ranging chat with Evan Rail. Evan is an American expat, Czech beer expert, and 20 year denizen of Prague who writes about beer and other topics for Good Beer Hunting, the New York Times, and myriad other media outlets. He also spent a day as Anthony Bourdain's local beer guide during the filming of "No Reservations" in Prague...during that shoot Evan fell through the floor of a decrepit brewery. Of course that footage was included in the episode and will forever be one of Evan's claims to fame!

In this interview we talk Czech beer culture, Evan goes into detail about his experience with Anthony Bourdain, and we get some great advice on what to do when visiting Prague, both beer and non-beer related.

Evan is a super cool stand up guy who really knows his stuff when it comes to beer, food, and where to hang out in Prague. I highly recommend if you're visiting Prague that you get in touch with him to schedule a tour. Do the tour on your first full day in Prague so that you get the lay of the land and advice on what else to do right off! Hit up Evan by email at [email protected] or on Twitter at

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