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The 6 Pack

As always, here are six quick links, each with a short blurb.


I wrote this short blog post. As you can imagine, I think it's worth becoming a CC - but if you're wondering about the cost, then read on!


I've been asked many times why Cicerone & BJCP & Beer Scholar & other sources use different terms to describe beers of the same SRM level, i.e. "dark amber" vs. "pale copper." 


I donated 3 CBS courses and 1 CC course to WIBS to award as scholarships, but you can only apply for them if you buy tickets to the event! There's a dope lineup of speakers and presentations (and you can watch the recordings anytime), I highly recommend you check it out. Pssst, I have ONE promo code to get one of y'all into WIBS for free. Reply and ask for it, but please only if you'll actually attend some of the presentations! First ask, first get.


Still confused about just wtf umami is & what it tastes like? Most people are, because it's difficult to describe. Umami is a primary taste, like sour, sweet, salt, and bitter. Umami is often described as "savory" and it frequently comes in combo with salt and proteins. Click for more.


Sensory scientist & beer whiz Shanleigh Thomson explains the "Hop Storage Index," which is key to understand if you contract for hops - it's a measure of the oxidation of hop compounds with time. There's big oversupply in the hop market, which means old hops and high HSI. Be aware. 


Randy Mosher has a book on the way called The Tasting Brain, which is gong to be all about sensory science. Until it drops, this great podcast is all you get!


Thanks for reading, y'all! Have a good one. 



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