The Beer Scholar Family Hour Podcast!

podcast Feb 28, 2022

The Beer Scholar Family Hour Podcast!

YESSS! I'm extremely stoked to announce the release of the first two episodes of The Beer Scholar Family Hour podcast. These episodes are only available on the Beer Scholar YouTube channel. As we go forward and figure out what we're doing we'll make all Beer Scholar podcasts available on all the usual podcast platforms like Apple, Spotify, etc. Here's some info on the two episodes:

TBSFH S1 Ep2 - I recommend you listen to it first. Myself, Scott Fielder, and Chris Crowe introduce ourselves and talk about what the future holds for Beer Scholar. We've got a LOT of exciting projects in the works! 

TBSFH S1 Ep1 - I sit down with newly minted Advanced Cicerones Scott Fielder & Chris Crowe to talk about the changes to styles 10-14 in the new 2021 BJCP Guidelines (versus the 2015 BJCP Guidelines). 

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What I'm up to

I've largely gotten myself moved into my still new-to-me apartment in Portland, OR. I moved there from San Francisco about 2 months ago, but I've barely had a minute to chill or to focus solely on Beer Scholar. With things opening back up (hallelujah) I've taken the opportunity to visit family in other time zones and fully FOUR of my friends have taken the opportunity to get married! So yeah, in a couple weeks I go to wedding #4 in about 4 months! Just a few days ago I returned from a destination wedding in Costa Rica, which turned out to be one of the best travel experience of my life. It was crazy good times with an awesome group of people in the Quepos-Manuel Antonio area of CR. I highly recommend visiting if you're able. Sadly, I didn't get to check out the beer scene in San José, but I did get to taste some of the goods from a couple locals including a few excellent beers from Arboleda Cerveceria Artesanal and Cervecería Calle Cimarrona

Cheers y'all!

XOXO Chris