The CCP just announced a new level: Advanced Cicerone

advanced cicerone Aug 04, 2015
Certified Cicerones have a new height to climb for: "Advanced Cicerone"

This is big news, the Cicerone Certification Program just announced that they will begin testing for a new level in early 2016. The new "Advanced Cicerone" level will fall between the Certified and Master levels. Only 10 people have ever passed the Master exam. The Advanced Cicerone level will give many of us a new and more reasonable goal to strive for!

According to the CCP: "In the early months of 2016 we will start conducting Advanced Cicerone exams and awarding that certification. The syllabus will be posted in early September this year and exam dates and locations will start to be announced this fall. By April and May of 2016, you’ll see the first Advanced Cicerone certifications being awarded!"

P.S. This is a note from the future – I became one of the first 20 people to pass the Advanced Cicerone exam when they began testing in 2016! I took the second ever AC exam the program gave, in Oakland, CA. Now, many years later, AC Scott Fielder and I have created the world's first Advanced Cicerone Coaching Program

advanced cicerone