Want to become an Advanced Cicerone?

advanced cicerone Oct 11, 2023

We've begun signing folks up for the 2nd Advanced Cicerone® Coaching Program cohort! Half the slots are full thanks to the waiting list, but we're looking for a few more heroes to join the squad.

What's required, you ask? If you're already a Certified Cicerone® & you're ready to commit to learning a TON more about beer (with full guidance & support) then you're ready!

Cohort #1 filled up in a week, so don't sleep if you're interested! That said, if you're reading this after we've already filled the cohort, don't despair -- just follow the link to apply below and you'll be the first to know when we start enrolling for the next cohort!

Here's some key info:

  • For cohort #2, the weekly Bootcamp sessions will begin in mid-January 2024. Your Pre-Bootcamp Prep begins as soon as you're enrolled.
  • When the full crew is enrolled, we'll poll the group to find a day & time for the Bootcamp and Q&A sessions that works for everyone.
  • The AC Coaching Program can be paid in full or spread out over 5 months (or we can come up with a plan that works for you). If you're in the beer biz, ask your employer to invest in you by helping with your AC prep!
  • The program is incredible, see below for an update on how it's going. We're more confident than ever in our Become an Advanced Cicerone® or your Money Back guarantee! 


If you're ready to become an Advanced Cicerone, let's talk! 
  1. Please fill out the AC Coaching Program application and submit it to us ASAP!   
  2. If you're not quite ready for that, but you want to learn more, check out the AC Coaching Program webpage & watch our workshop: How to Pass the Advanced Cicerone® on your First Attempt


How it's going with cohort #1!

The first cohort is going great! It's been a real pleasure to see everyone leveling up their knowledge and skills week by week. All 10 members are crushing their prep as we approach the end of their Bootcamp & enter the weekly Q&A, tastings sessions, and practice exams phase. Scott Fielder & I recently ran through practice oral exams with a few folks - cohort members who were worried about memorizing BJCP style info are nailing it now!

We've made the program slicker and tighter thanks to what we've learned over the months. We've added a few new features based on the first cohort's feedback, including:

  • An Essay Feedback Video Series to help you get your AC essays perfected.
  • Practice quizzes & exams are now built into the program platform for instant grades & easy uploading of essay answers for us to grade.
  • Group tastings of the same beer at the opening of many Q&A sessions now provide more practice on orals & tasting exam panels.

The program has been a great success so far. We CANNOT WAIT to see our cohort #1 enrollees' test scores when they complete the program and take their AC exams in early-mid 2024.

Check out these testimonials from members of cohort #1. We're just about to finish up their three months of Bootcamp and embark on the Q&A phase!

The AC coaching program has helped me to have a better perspective on the exam. I live in Chile, where there are no Advanced Cicerones yet. In fact, there are none in the southern cone of the continent, so I did not have many resources to turn to for guidance outside of what little information is available on the internet. The truth is that the idea of taking the exam made me panic because I didn't really know what to expect from it or if what I was studying was going to be enough to pass. With this program, I managed to understand much better what I should study, and more importantly, how to approach the exam itself. I expect to be able to pass it when I take it in the upcoming months! 

-Natalia Urzúa, Certified Cicerone®, Doemens Biersommelier, BJCP Certified Judge 


Scott and Chris have put together a coaching program for the Advanced Cicerone exam which addresses everything you need to know and do to get there. The AC exam is such a significant jump up in breadth and depth of knowledge from Level 2, it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin. I have gained so many useful tips and tricks, been provided with opportunities for practice, and have gotten many assignments to hone my studies. I'm confident I won't simply pass - instead, I am sure I’ll excel and pass with flying colors on my first attempt! 

-Russ Bonsall, Certified Cicerone® 


The Beer Scholar has done it again!  The Advanced Cicerone Coaching Program is just what I needed to take the next step of beer knowledge and certification. Scott and Chris are top notch beer educators, and the resources they provide you to pass the AC exam are invaluable. My personal favorite is the extensive flashcard app - HOLY SMOKES is that thing amazing! They have built a program that really sets you up for success in studying for the AC exam. Their study material, first hand experience, and insight into the exam are groundbreaking. The guarantee should put you at ease for purchasing, but if you follow the program they have laid out I don’t think you will need it. I believe I will pass on my first attempt just like I did last time with help from the Beer Scholar's Certified Cicerone program.

-Robert Rivera, Certified Cicerone®  

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