What you should *really* study for the Advanced Cicerone exam!

advanced cicerone study material Apr 15, 2022

Thinking about making the leap to Advanced Cicerone? Already have an exam date set? Whether you've got loads of time or are feeling pressed, we'll tell you what resources to focus on and which you can skip!

*****Core resources*****

We three Advanced Cicerones agree — you will have trouble passing the exam without learning this material end to end!


*****Secondary resources*****

These are helpful resources that the TBS crew love, but they’re not all strictly required. We recommend that you pick out several of these that interest you to read on the side and enrich your core studying.



These are all very great resources that the Beer Scholar crew have read and enjoyed, but they’re not required to pass the AC! Again, if you see something here that is of real interest there is no reason not to read it on the side…if you have the time.

advanced cicerone study material